Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The Law of Ascension is an inherent part of you, and as much as it demands sacrifice it rewards you with infinite opportunities to rise above, to love yourself, and do the right thing for you. Loving yourself enough to do what brings you joy, to do what makes your life more bearable, more livable, is how you practice self-love. When you deny yourself that you are betraying yourself, you are saying no to yourself and yes to those and that which exacerbates your discomfort and fear. Turn this around and know that when a choice must be made, be it in a moment or a long term decision that you do it out of love for yourself, for when your life is more bearable you feel more passionate, you feel stronger, more inspired and everyone around you and those closest to you benefit from that. This is what is meant by the Light of Ascension shining through your heart. Ascension is the process of rising above your challenges, mastering them, and in so doing merging with a higher consciousness and perspective, therefore acting from a place Wisdom and Love, rather than fear based motivation. Mary Magdalene through Michelle Manders (excerpt taken from the Law of Ascension - one of the 55 Cosmic Laws

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