Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Volunteering is a wonderful experience of offering oneself. Volunteering selflessly can happen out of pure devotion. As a volunteer one is not identified with oneself and offers oneself completely. I began to volunteer during the yoga programs conducted by my Guru and the volunteering began as a means to create the spiritual possibility to the participants. Volunteering was just giving oneself to a process of seeking. It is also like being in a Satsang or being in communion.

Volunteering is a joyous process of longing to go beyond all boundaries. There are many people around the world who are affluent, and due to state of well-being have automatically attained the Sadhana of devotion.

All Volunteers needs to unite and work for a common cause. The world is in dire needs of volunteers who can work towards mitigating the Global warming effect and prevent this planet from total disaster. There is a whole magnitude of poor people who do not even have access to one meal. There are children around the world who are under-nourished and need help.

If the world can unite and have one community service and work under the empowered leadership it would eliminate poverty and create a possibility for well being and prosperity around the world. To be truly joyous one has to become meditative and only if one is able to manage one’s inner situation there is a possibility of becoming joyous forever and of creating the same possibility for everyone.

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