Monday, January 7, 2013

Creative Peace Sadhana.

..The main component of Creative Peace Sadhana is Pranayama, sandwiched by Walking and Meditation that initiates Brahma-Charya in one’s subtle body. This type of Brahma-Charya was initially practiced by the Ideal Married Couples like Sathi Arundhati and Brahmarshi Vasishta and singles like Brahmarshi Viswamitra, to maintain their Inner Silence and Freedom from Karma...the Pranayama sloka 29, in Chapter 4 of BhavadGita (Apaane Juhvathu Praanam …) as a description of what happens as Cellular Respiration in the physical body (Annamaya Kosa) and the corresponding union of Praana and Apaana in the Subtle body (Pranamaya Kosa). In Cellular respiration, or for that matter in any burning process, Oxygen and Carbohydrate molecules unite to form Carbon dioxide and Water, releasing Heat Energy, that was earlier stored in the Carbohydrate molecules before the reaction. The Creative Peace Sadhana facilitates the transformation the Apaana currents into Ojas that reacts with Prana more readily and completely, to release Tejas, the subtle Kinetic Energy, yogis generate as their Aura.

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