Monday, January 7, 2013

Realms of Rishis

1.Be silent ( Mauna ) and you will hear the voice of God. 2.God speaks in Silence. 3.His expression is love . 4.His state of being is Bliss. 5. In prayer you speak to God, In meditation God speaks to you. 6. To see God look at the mirror in the morning, One who sees through your eyes is God. 7.Be quiet He will emerge from within. 8.Life is a journey through paradise ,don t look for it as an end product. 9.In the manifest Brahman you are in God, In the manifest He is in you. 10. Satya Yuga is here ,now you need to be your self ,allow God to manifest within. 11. Live in the spirit of surrender, Love will spread peace, Bliss will be retained. You will dwell in the abode of God ,wherever you may be. 12.Many are the sages working for the emergence of Supreme God, yet only if people open their hearts then the new age will manifest smoothly or else the world may have to see lot of unpleasant events to usher in the new age or Satya Yuga .The time is now ,so adapt and flourish.

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